About Us

Our School Vision is to empower girls to be successful, skilled and innovative young women. Our Mission is work together to place our learners first, to be globally connected and to challenge the boundaries of learning. Our Values of Character, Community and Growth guide our decisions in all aspects of life at Ogilvie. They are underpinned by the Department of Education Values of Aspiration, Respect, Courage, and Growth.

Key Priorities for 2018

  1. Access, participation, and engagement: Students attend and are engaged in learning
  2. Wellbeing:  A safe and supportive environment is provided for all
  3. Numeracy: Learners are fully engaged in Numeracy and challenged to improve

Key Goals for 2018

  1. Attendance rate improves
  2. Appropriate and challenging learning opportunities are provided that enable improved participation and engagement for all students
  3. Staff and students are acting respectfully, developing positive relationships and are members of a safe and supportive environment
  4. Numeracy outcomes show improvement
  5. Increase in % students who believe that Maths is important and relevant in their life

Students study the Australian Curriculum at Ogilvie and students undertake courses in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Design and Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education, Languages, and The Arts. Students learn best when they are engaged, motivated and challenged, and so we are continuously striving to improve our practice to provide the best possible learning outcomes for all students. Teachers are focused on gaining knowledge and skills in teaching practice, content syllabuses and in embedding information technology. As well as this, all teachers are focused on the development of literacy and numeracy skills of students.

In a large community such as Ogilvie, the development of positive relationships is at the heart of all learning and we are committed to building a respectful school at Ogilvie. Our students make a commitment to Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being a Learner, and we work with students every day to meet these commitments.

Ogilvie also provides opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. These include activities such as sports, choir, band, drama and debating. Similarly, students are offered many leadership opportunities which enable them to gain skills to become a valued, and respected member of our School, making a significant contribution to the School and the broader community.

Students and parents and carers will find very useful information in the Student Handbook about policies and procedures at the school and we ask that you make a commitment to following all of these during your time at Ogilvie. All students at Ogilvie can set themselves goals to achieve and be the best they can be and I hope that all students at Ogilvie can take on this challenge.

Julie Bird – Principal